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A Spin Design é uma consultoria de treinamento e desenvolvimento empresarial que utiliza o DESIGN como ferramenta fundamental para desenvolver material para treinamento e ajudar empresas a educarem seus colaboradores, prospects e clientes sobre produtos, processos e estratégias.
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About This Project

When TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) called us, they had just put a great deal of energy into mapping all their stores’ processes in Brazil. However, despite all the effort, when it came time to share those processes with the people responsible for executing them (store managers and salespeople), the complex and long fluxograms just wouldn’t work. Or would they? You can tell yourself by looking at the sample below. This was how the process was being explained at that point.




After carefully analysing the 17 fluxograms we proceeded to translate each one into a series of animated infographics with the visual step-by-step of every process. The use of color codes, simple and short texts and illustrations that represented real store furniture, all played a part in transforming complex diagrams into easy-to-understand presentations


OBS: texts have been intentionally blurred to preserve confidentiality