A Spin Design é uma consultoria de treinamento e desenvolvimento empresarial que utiliza o DESIGN como ferramenta fundamental para desenvolver material para treinamento e ajudar empresas a educarem seus colaboradores, prospects e clientes sobre produtos, processos e estratégias.
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About This Project

Implementing change in any company is always a challenge. That challenge becomes even bigger when we’re talking about employees spread around a country like Brazil in dozens of points of sales. That is a familiar context for all big retail chains and for Fototica (brazilian optical retailer) it’s no different, so when it came time to share the new sales process for contact lenses we were called upon to help.


This project presented a particularly challenging context – the training had to happen “on the job” and the facilitators had just about an hour to explain the whole process and clear any doubts. To meet those challenges we created an infographic explaining all the steps of the new contact lenses’ sales process in a very visual and objective way. We also developed a “how to” guide exploring all the possibilities the infographic offered in order to maximize its efficiency.


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